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Partners Activities

To achieve the target set, ARIANNA partners will organize their activities as follows:

  1. ​ The implementation of a service to manage the loading of data (usually DICOM files) and metadata by Neuropsychiatric community and their storage (Net7, I +, INFN). The correct anonymisation of sensitive data will be ensured by the guidelines produced by ITTIG and I +. The service will allow to store data in storage devices dedicated to the ARIANNA project within the INFN computer centre of Pisa. Furthermore, the types of metadata in question will be identified and consequently implemented the drop-down menus for their insertion in collaboration with IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation.

  2. Activation of the on demand analysis service, i.e. the use of the ARIANNA platform on a large scale by research groups outside the project. This service will help to create a large database, thanks to the contributions of the individual groups participating in the initiative, as well as to a network of medical and technical-scientific professionals that work in synergy.  Appropriate activities to promote the ARIANNA project and an suitable maintenance of the IT environment, will support the start and continuation of the service. The IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation and Net7 will handle the continuous advertising of the ARIANNA initiative through the use of various communication channels. Furthermore, I + and the INFN computer centre will be responsible respectively for the maintenance and management of the ARIANNA platform and the processing environment. The INFN computer centre will provide continuous assistance about the system, both to guarantee the correct functioning of the system and to verify that ARIANNA data, gradually stored, are always correct, complete and consistent.  ITTIG will propose tools to verify that the operation of the platform is in line with current legislation.

  3. Achievement of a new and significant scientific result on the ASD by the ARIANNA research team thanks to the platform and the collected data  as well as to the technical and clinical contribution of the research groups that participated in the proposal ARIANNA and using the on demand analysis service. Thanks to the skills of the INFN, the multimodal data of the subjects will be analyzed with multivariate analysis methods and the potential of machine learning techniques will be exploited, for example based on Support Vector Machines. Furthermore, Net7 will contribute to the analysis and implementation of machine learning techniques. The IRCCS Stella Maris Foundation skills both in clinical area and in magnetic resonance method  will be fundamental in this activity for the design of studies, for the formulation of clinical hypotheses (in particular for the identification of  brain areas /structures/ functions) and for the interpretation of the results.